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Balboni Films

Web Design

Before I picked up my first camera, I designed my first website. As a filmmaker I strive to represent an idea by establishing an appropriate visual aesthetic, and my goal as a web designer is no different. With constant communication at every step of the process, I work with clients to discover how best to represent not only their brand, but their attitude as people and a company.

Below are a few examples of my work along with the services I provided for each site.


Watt's Saw Shop

Watt’s Saw Shop is an independent small engine service and repair shop located in Troy, Montana. Established in 1984, the business was purchased by a new owner in 2020 and given a facelift with the aim to establish an online presence. The website was created from scratch along with a new shop logo and branding.

Key Features:

  • Front page that heavily features the physical storefront to highlight recent renovations
  • Light, elegant design that clearly explains services offered by the business
  • Highly responsive/mobile-ready
  • Woocommerce ready (online parts shop to be developed in the future)

Services Rendered:

Front end development, back end management, business logo design, graphic design, copywriting, HTML, CSS, PHP, SEO (including Google Business page management)

Balboni Films

Balboni Films is my personal portfolio site. The goal is to demonstrate to potential clients a diverse range of services including cinematography, video editing, and photography, through extensive examples, as well as serve as a repository for past works and personal writing.

Key Features:

  • Bold emphasis on photographic/video elements
  • Dark theme to further highlight visual elements
  • Highly responsive/mobile-ready
  • Woocommerce ready (online photography print shop)
  • Online since 2011

Services Rendered:

  • Front end development, HTML, CSS, PHP, SEO, security management, back end management, graphic design, creative writing, copywriting

Lindamood Performance

Lindamood Performance is a Los Angeles-based fitness team with clients ranging from professional athletes to students and parents. Lindamood Performance is more than just another sports trainer, and their unique holistic approach is emphasized throughout their site.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic front page content to reflect fitness-related subject matter
  • Light theme to compliment text-heavy content
  • Emphasis on social-media presence to draw in the team’s existing audience
  • Responsive/mobile-ready
  • Woocommerce ready (infrastructure built, unit production pending)

Services Rendered:

  • Front end development, HTML, CSS, PHP, SEO, back end management, social media integration, copywriting

The Cookstove Community

The Cookstove Community was commissioned by Obadiah’s Woodstoves and Alternative Energy to inform people about the use of wood cookstoves through extensive articles, videos, and dialogue between cookstove users on a dedicated forum.

After designing the site, I served as its chief content creator, regularly writing extensive articles about wood heating and cookstoves based on materials provided by the company as well as my own research.

Key Features:

  • Fluid display of content to draw audiences into large catalogue of articles
  • Minimalist layout with rustic flair that reflects the subject matter
  • News and article focused content
  • Comprehensive video library
  • Dedicated community forum
  • Responsive/mobile-ready
  • Online since 2013

Services Rendered:

  • Front end development, HTML, CSS, PHP, phpBB, security management, back end management, forum administration, graphic design, social media integration, research writing, copywriting

Wood Boilers

Wood Boilers was commissioned by Obadiah’s Woodstoves and Alternative Energy to serve as a simple information repository for their customers regarding wood boilers.

Key Features:

  • Light, elegant design
  • Custom video banner demonstrating content
  • Article focused content
  • Responsive/mobile-ready
  • Online since 2015

Services Rendered:

  • Front end development, HTML, CSS, SEO, back end management, graphic design, research writing, copywriting


Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to update an exisiting site, I would love to help you carve out the corner of the internet that you've always wanted.